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Precision seamless steel pipe (phosphating)


Precision seamless steel pipe (phosphating)

Company News
2018/05/14 17:03

DIN2391 high-precision bright seamless steel pipe adopts Baosteel's high-quality carbon steel material, bright-drawn and non-oxidized bright heat treatment (NBK state), non-destructive testing, high-pressure flushing and pickling of steel pipe inner hole, anti-rust oil anti-rust treatment for steel pipe inner and outer walls. , Both ends cover for dust treatment. Produced by the pipe has high precision, good finish, the inner and outer walls of the steel pipe without oxide layer, the steel pipe can withstand the high pressure through the liquid flow, and the steel pipe is not deformed by cold bending, can be expanded, flattened without cracks. Mechanical properties can be bent at any angle without deformation. It is mainly used for the preparation of steel pipes in hydraulic system oil pipelines, also called hard piping in hydraulic systems, and precision steel pipes for automobiles. It can meet customers requiring high precision, high finish, tensile strength and high mechanical properties for steel pipes. 2. DIN2391 high-precision black phosphatized steel pipe is based on DIN2391 high-precision bright seamless steel pipe. Phosphating agent dilution formula phosphating internal and external walls of bright precision steel pipe. A black protective film is formed on the inner and outer walls of the steel pipe to prevent rust in the steel pipe. protection. The appearance of the black phosphated steel tube is shiny in black, with good color and good rust resistance. High-precision black phosphating pipes are also mainly used for piping in hydraulic systems, and are more ideal for joints with pipe sleeves (steel pipes). 3, DIN2391 high-precision precision galvanized steel pipe using high-precision bright seamless steel pipe electro-galvanized on the inner and outer walls of the steel plated yellow (zinc), white zinc, passivation, galvanized steel pipe length within 6 meters are can.


The precision steel pipe produced is a precision cold-drawn seamless pipe that has been treated with anaerobic tempering to eliminate surface and internal stresses and is then treated with phosphating anti-rust treatment. The product has high dimensional accuracy, good ductility, easy processing and bending into various shapes, and the tube cross-section will not be reduced or flattened; the surface of the tube is high in accuracy, and the surface hardness after the oxygen-free tempering is moderate. The surface can be directly installed without rust removing by phosphating and rust treatment. Product specifications for the outer diameter (D) Φ4mm-76mm, wall thickness (S) 0.5mm-6.0mm, can be customized according to customer requirements. The length is 6 meters (except custom-made), delivery status is NBK (normalizing), GBK (annealing), BKS (stress relief annealing). The main materials used are ST35, ST37.4 (10#), ST45 (20#), ST55 (35#), and ST52 (16Mn). Bright precision seamless steel pipe can be made according to customer requirements phosphating, color zinc plating (yellow zinc), white zinc, length 6 meters

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